The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Weight Machines

Strength is an important part of staying physically fit. Therefore, everyday millions of people choose to hit the gym. Many people prefer to use their own bodies as a way of developing muscle tone. Yoga particularly relies on the weight of the body to create the resistance needed to build muscle. Others prefer free-weight routines to keep them feeling their best. multihead weigher

Most gyms are stocked with a wide variety of weight machines. They are an easy way for a person to make sure they are working all the main muscle groups in their body safely. People typically choose to use machine weights due to their following advantages:


    • Easy to learn – People with little physical fitness experience can learn basic exercises with machines. It can also give a person an outline of what major muscle groups should be worked. Exercises can also be more safely performed on their own.


    • Supportive – Machines will support certain areas of the body during exercises, for instance, by keeping the back straight and supported while exercising the arms.


  • Consistent Resistance – It is much easier for machines to make sure the intensity of each repetition remains consistent.


These are just some of the reasons that people choose machine weights over free weights for their strength training workouts. However, working out with machines may not be always be the best option. Some people complain that the machines can be too supportive, decreasing the intensity and effectiveness of the workout. A machine is also specialized for certain muscles. Since variety in a work-out routine is essential to building muscle evenly, free weights may be a better way to get the strength training you need.


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