Stickers for Xbox Controllers and Printing of Labels on Inkjet Printing

Question: I have an Xbox 360 controller and I want to know what kind of stickers will stick best to it.

Answer: Any sticker with a permanent (standard) glue adhesive should stick fine. Avoid static cling stickers as they are meant for surfaces like glass or acrylic (super smooth and hard plastics). stickers papier

There are a lot of sites that sell individual stickers online, so you should be able to find one or two that have what you’re looking for.

Question: We’re on a budget and are looking for a sticker label. I noticed at the office supply store that you can purchase label sheets. Can I print sticker labels on my inkjet printer?

Answer: Yes you can. (Now I sound like a certain popular politician!). The real question is not whether you can or not, but whether you should. It will all depend on your end usage and how many identical stickers you’re needing.

Let’s say that you have storage boxes that will be in a cool, dry storage unit. Each box will have a time period, a description of the paperwork in the box (i.e. Customers – 2010), as well as an alphabetical determination.

This would be a GOOD time to use a laser or inkjet printer because the data is variable and you’re likely going to have just one or a few per box.

Where it would be a BAD idea to use the inkjet printer would be where you’re promoting a product or service that you’ll want hundreds or thousands of stickers or labels for, and there’s a very good possibility that they’ll be applied to bumpers or car windows or a number of other items, many of those out-of-doors.

While you can certainly find vinyl inkjet printable labels, it would be very cost ineffective to print them on your printer when you might be able to buy them pre-printed professionally for a couple dimes.

By the time you factor your time, going to the office supply store, running them through your printer that uses expensive ink that may or may not be water resistant, your cost will be probably at least as high as it would have been to order them from a label printer, and you wasted a day doing it.

Even if there is variable data, and you need moisture resistance, there are many professional printers who offer variable data printing, although some of it may need to be manually entered into a spreadsheet. Obviously, there is a time and place for office-printed labels, but a quick review of the above points should tell anyone in a buyer’s position which route to take.

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