Proven Advice to Remove Office Furniture

When you are changing or upgrading your office furniture, you may want to consider selling your old furniture. People who are starting a new business may benefit from your old furniture. Starting a business can be very expensive. They will save money by buying your furniture directly from you. You may want to sell the furniture in groups. This would mean giving a discount when the person buys more than one piece from you. So if an individual buys several chairs and desks, they would get a discount. Salvation Army Pickup

You can list the furniture for sale on a number of different websites. Make sure that you indicate the buyer is required to handle pick up of the merchandise. You do not want to have to ship large items. The fees could outweigh the benefit of selling the item.

The second option is hiring someone to host a one day tag sale. These sales are designed for people to come in and buy pieces from you. The sale is handled by a company for a fee. They will assign a price to every item and then attempt to sell as much as possible. Anything that cannot be sold is discounted in the final hours of the sale. Anything that cannot be sold can be donated to charity. If you do not feel like dealing with the hassle of selling the items, you can simply donate them to a local charity. Many will arrange for pick up of the items themselves. They will come to the office and take the items and remove them for you.

You will want to make sure that you are working with a reputable charity and know where the proceeds will go. It is a good idea to speak with someone from the charity in order to be clear about their purpose. If your company already works with a charitable organization, you may want to contact them first. See if they have need for the items that you are getting rid of. If they do, you will want to allow them to have first pick of what they want to keep and what they want to sell. Again, you will want to ensure that they make arrangements for the pick-up of the items.

If all else fails, you will want to look into giving some of the items away to your employees. Many may be able to use the desks or chairs for their home offices.

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