Properties of A Good Dissolved Air Flotation System

It is safe to say that water technologies have evolved over the years. Water treatment plants are able to clean out dirty water and recycle as much of it as possible. One of those technologies for water treatment is the dissolved air flotation system which is a great way to remove all the solids suspended in the water using air. The air is used to create sludge that blankets the flotation cell’s surface. The sludge is separated by making sure that air is dissolved into the water and then released into the air in a flotation tank, All these is done at atmospheric pressure.

When the air is released it creates tiny bubbles that then attach themselves to suspended solids in the water. This makes the various solids and other particles to float on the water’s surface which makes them easy to skim off. This mechanism is not only used in water treatment plants but in food processing plants as well. It is used in order to remove grease, solids, oils and fats from the water. Once they have been scraped off the surface, these particles are then dumped into a sump while the skimmed water undergoes other steps in the water treatment process. sodium diisobutyl dithiophosphate

Generally a good DAF will have a capacity of about 1000 gpm for every module. It will also have a high loading rate while leaving a small footprint. It is also important that the cost of building and installing your DAF be low enough or else it will be beyond your reach, great as it may be. The DAF you select should be able to remove algae and color from the water really well and the final turbidity of your system should be under 0.1 NTU. In addition to that, you system should have an effective multi-barrier protection against two parasites found in water, giardia and cryptosporidium.

These two microscopic parasites cause intestinal illnesses called giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis. The both of these parasites produce cysts which are very resistant even to harsh environmental conditions. Once you ingest them, they germinate and reproduce in your body which causes illness. They will then form new cysts that will be passed out in feces back into waste water. Even just a few ingested cysts can make you sick. It is therefore very important that your recycled water be free of these microscopic parasites.

Your DAF system should be one that allows for low chemical use and should require coagulant aids only once in a while if at all. A quiet system is always best to avoid noise pollution and it should be easy to operate. In fact, operator intervention should be very minimal if you get a good system. Get a system installed that can tolerate the changing conditions of raw water and that is quick and easy to start up. These are just some of the things to look out for. Speak to a professional DAF supplier to get the full details of what your system can do.


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