Massage Chair Provides Full Body Massage

Is there a full body massage chair at an entry level price? An entry level therapy recliner should provide full body massaging in the chair. Get a contemporary design to compliment your home or office. A massage chair provides a thorough and invigorating treatment to help relieve your stress and tensions. Here are some of the key features of an entry level massage chair.

3 Automatic Programs: The recliner comes with 3 automatic timed therapy programs. An automatic program uses the functions of the entire chair in its program. The chair should come with 3 timed automatic programs ranging from 5, 10, and 15 minutes in duration. One touch of the remote control initiates the automatic therapy of your choice.

3 Manual Techniques: The recliner should have 3 manual treatment techniques. Manual techniques are specific therapeutic movements which are designed to provide different therapy options. These manual treatments are applied by the roller mechanism contained in the chair back and are for relieving tension in the back, shoulders and neck. Select from kneading, swaying and rolling. Kneading provides a side to side pinching motion. Swaying provides a side to side motion to loosen tight back muscles. The rolling massage helps to slightly move each vertebra as the rollers move up and down the back.

4 Manual Masseuse Courses: A manual course is the area you would like covered by the mechanical rollers in the chair back. The health chair should have four such course settings. Select from full back, lower back, upper back and pinpointing. Full back covers the entire length of the back. Lower back concentrates the treatment in the lumbar. Upper back concentrates the therapy in the shoulders and neck. Pinpoint allows you to move the rollers to a precise location where you want it to be concentrated. 강남안마

Seat Therapy: The entry level lounger should have 8 rotary heads built into the seat of the chair. These 8 mechanical heads provide for a stimulating and invigorating treatments of the buttocks and thighs. Select from 3 different levels of intensity to soothe your sore spots. You can also activate the seat vibration to help stimulate the capillary vessel which increases blood flow in the buttocks and thighs.

Leg Rest Treatment: The leg rest is designed to target the calves. The leg rest comes with a therapy mechanism to provide a thorough penetration to the calves. This massage is gentle, yet firm to the calf area. The leg rest can be extended an extra four inches to better target the area you like. You can also adjust the speed of the technique to 3 different levels of intensity for your comfort and relaxation.

Contemporary Styling: Get a recliner that is designed to look more like an executive chair. It has a slim profile and is a great compliment to any room in the house. The remote control is stored underneath the arm in a form fitted location underneath the armrest. There are full sized chairs that deliver a firm and invigorating physical therapy.

There is the only entry level massage chair that provides full body massage. It has 3 effective therapy techniques with kneading, swaying and rolling. Swaying is very effective in loosening the muscles of the back. The seat also provides a thorough and stimulating feeling to the buttocks and thighs. Relax your sore legs with an invigorating calf work over. Find the full body massage recliner that is certainly the best value in its class.


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