Is It High Time For Sports Betting To Be Legalized?

In the 1920s, Atlantic City became famous for its boardwalk. It was the place to be seen, and it was infamous for entertainment, booze and gambling. For years, it was the place to go. Tourists from all over the country and even from other countries would flock to Atlantic City for the sights, the sideshows and gambling. However, the heyday of Atlantic City started to crumble when the Casino Gambling Referendum of 1970 was passed and the city fought an upward battle towards becoming the nations’ top tourist destination.

It gained its popularity because of casinos and sports betting in Atlantic City were not out of the question either. However, it have not yet been legalized in there. However, some are pushing for the legalization of sports betting in the city and efforts are being made through local representatives to consider making it legal in Atlantic City.

The opinion with regards to it is divided. Some people are for it, while some are against it. In other states such as Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon, sports gambling are legal. In Atlantic City there are no such federal laws permitting the operations of sports gambling. Some groups from the gaming and horse racing industries are pushing for sport betting legalization. 먹튀검증 스포맨

According to these groups, gaming is a lucrative and vital industry in New Jersey with 11 casinos situated in Atlantic City. The groups favoring the legalization of in Atlantic City adds that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, the law that makes it illegal in the State of New Jersey, violates five amendments of the U.S. Constitution in such a way that it regulates a matter which should be reserved to the states. Furthermore, they add that it also breaches the commerce clause of the Constitution by failing to enforce uniform standards throughout the country.

Despite the stringent laws against illegal operation, backdoor sports betting is rampant and a booming underground economy. According to a 1999 study of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, approximately $380 billion a year is illicitly wagered on it. Such underground economy is being run by organized crime rings, local street -level bookies, and online offshore gambling. To supporters of sports betting legalization, this is one very significant loss of tax revenues for the State and would have served the citizens of New Jersey had it legalized sports betting.

There is much debate going on over the legalization of sports betting in Atlantic City. Those who are for its legalization, they claim that the State and its citizens would benefit a great deal out of it. State regulated sports, they claim, may not be the ultimate solution for all the problems and challenges of Atlantic City’s resort casino industry. However, they claim that it can play a vital role in resolving and reversing the economic turmoil faced by the industry. From tax revenues alone, it could generate a significant income for the State. It could also stimulate an influx of tourists to the city which means more job opportunities for its citizens. Ultimately, advocates of sports betting believe there is more good than harm in legalizing it in the State of New Jersey.


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