How to Choose Dog Grooming Classes

With more and more people owning pets, pet care has grown to a $43 billion industry, triggering an explosion of pet grooming shops as well as pet grooming schools and courses. Dogs, of course, remain the most popular pets. This is why many of those looking to get into the booming pet care business, as well as more dog owners, are taking up dog grooming classes.

If you love dogs and are thinking of making a career out of dog grooming, you must remember that, like any career or business, credentials count a lot. It is not enough to be a dog enthusiast. You will need the certificate or diploma from grooming classes for dogs to convince dog owners to entrust their pets in your care. dog grooming Brickell

Like any other education, it is important that the classes you take, whether in a vocational or trade school, online, or through a home course, are offered by licensed and accredited grooming schools or professionals.

The best classes are likely to be offered by schools and professionals who belong to such groups as the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

However you choose to earn your certificate or diploma it is always a good idea to do some research since dog grooming classes vary greatly in quality. One of the best ways is to seek out personal references from graduates of classes for dog grooming or consult pet grooming professionals in your area.

Enrolling in a pet grooming school is, of course, the best way to earn a certificate or diploma. Tuition will cost anywhere from $3000 to $6,000 but should pay off in the hands-on training and the personal feedback from your instructors.

But if you cannot afford the cost, or if work or family obligations will prevent you from attending classes, or no school or professional offers grooming classes where you live, you can enroll in an online course or order a home course.

Most online grooming classes will require you to show up in person, usually once a month, for practical exercises or written examinations. Home study programs, on the other hand, normally take six to eight weeks to complete through guidebooks and DVD lessons. You will, however, need a dog and an area in your home to practice what you learn from the dog grooming classes.

If you still cannot afford any of these options, you can try applying as an apprentice or, if you have some basic skills, even a paid assistant, and learn your way. You not only get one-on-one instruction, if you make a good impression, you could wind up getting hired. Apprenticeship is also one of the best ways to hone your skills even if you are taking up grooming classes at school, online or at home.

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