Having Family Fun With Science Projects

Does your family need more time doing something educational but also to be fun and hold their attention as well? Well here are some ways that your family can do something together, have fun, and even have it be educational all at the same time. Below are some ideas on how to have family fun with science projects.

Family time is very valuable. You want to make sure when you are picking a science project for your family to make it something that will be fun for everyone. You want to make sure to pick something that everyone will be interested in and want to learn more about. This will help assure that all of the family will have a good experience and want to do science projects together more often. https://www.healthcarebusinesstoday.com/tips-for-dealing-with-depression-as-a-college-student/

The following are four reasons your family will have fun doing science projects:

1. You interact. You have to talk, theorize, and make decisions, which can create great memories.

2. It is hands on. Unlike watching television, science projects require thinking and action. As a family, you can work together to figure out how something works, test a theory, or build something. It is a great time to bond, and get off the couch.

3. You learn. Who said learning isn’t fun? The truth is, when you learn through application it is a lot of fun. Seeing the results of mixing two colors to create a third, or creating a real erupting volcano can be lots of laughs, excitement, and amazement.

4. Your family will spend time together. When a family does a science project together they are working together for a common goal and having fun. What could be better?

One idea for you to try out for family fun with science projects is making soap. There are different ways you can make soap with different ingredients. You can look online and see what different ingredients different soaps use. You could also do a little lesson involving bacteria’s and different ways of getting rid of bacteria and germs using soap. This will help your family have fun with science projects and help them to be a little more educated all at the same time.

The second idea for family fun with science projects is making a lava lamp. This can be done by taking water and sticking it into a glass jar. Then add food coloring in the water and mix it together. You take vegetable oil and pour it into the water in the glass jar. Then wait for the oil and water to settle. The water and oil should separate. Then take a salt shaker and shake salt into the oil while counting for five seconds. The salt and oil mixture should sink to the bottom in a clump. As the salt dissolves the oil should float back up to the top. To make the oil go back down to the bottom shake some more salt while counting to five again. You can also use this as a lesson on the laws of gravity.

The third idea for family fun with science projects is to create a funnel like a tornado would make. Do this by giving everyone in the family their own 2 liter bottle with a funnel. Take the funnel and place it in the top of the 2 liter bottle. Then take a pitcher of water and pour it into the funnel to fill up the 2 liter bottle. Do not fill the bottle all of the way up. Then put the lid back on. Then have your family shake the bottle clock wise around and around and then have them stop. This motion will cause the water to spin like a tornado would. You could do a lesson on tornados and what they do and then have this project to go along with it.

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