Fashion and Fitness: What to Wear to the Gym

If you’ve searched for ‘gyms near me’, decided to take the plunge and it’s your first time going to the gym, the main thing you’re likely to be worrying about is not sticking out like a sore thumb in inappropriate gym wear. So while you’re finding your way around the gym and getting to grips with the exercise machines you want to be able to just blend in with everybody else.

However, it’s not just a matter of looking the part and wearing the right style of sports clothing, but it is most important that is also practical, breathable and lightweight. The most suitable clothing for all gyms is comfortable, as this enables you to get on with having a good workout without worrying about your attire.

Here are some tips to keep you looking and feeling great for a successful start to your gym career:

A Loose Fitting Top but Not Too Loose!

Avoid tight tops and opt instead for a loose fitting top, like that which you would wear for relaxing in. This will allow the body to breathe as well as letting you move around with ease. Choose a short sleeved or sleeveless cotton based, thin material as it could be warm at the gym and you want to avoid anything that restricts arm movement. T shirts and vest tops are acceptable for both sexes – but beware anything too loose that could get caught on the gym equipment!

Choose Cool, Thin Bottoms

Ensure your lower half can be flexible in your clothing and that the material isn’t too thick. Some sports clothing can be made in thick materials which are more suited to outdoor sports, so be careful to choose a thin material which will not make you too sweaty and uncomfortable. Another thing to watch out for is tight fitting, too-short shorts or leggings – you don’t want chafing or clinging while you’re working out!

Suitable Trainers are a Must

Decide what you are going to use in the gym and then choose footwear accordingly. If you are going to be running a lot or doing aerobics, then you will need a shoe with cushioning as when running the force through your shoes can be 3x your weight. However, shoes with a stable platform will be suitable for some activities while weightlifting or barefoot running shoes are best for doing weight training, but above all else for all activities, flexibility is best. Gym Wear

Supportive Underwear

Obviously this is directed mostly at women who will need a suitable sports bra for in the gym! However, even for gentlemen, comfortable underwear is a must because if your boxer shorts or briefs are too restrictive then it could make your routine difficult to enjoy or even impossible to get into. With women, the sports bra should be the correct fit and prevent the discomfort caused by the movement occurred while working out.

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