Cybersecurity Had Best Be Everyone’s Concern

Most of us take Cybersecurity for granted after paying a few dollars to those that offer security, especially the database CD vendor. I needed to do research when my computer became incredibly slow, not realizing the enormity of the threat! I had to do something, anything! I was to the point of distraction. Toronto IT services

Beginning with a CD software program providing a predetermined scheduled study to determine problems by scanning the entire fixed disc of my computer unit with software created and sold to do this only. Problem identified, I now had a starting point with a glimmer of understanding the nature of the beast.

My incoming emails were part of the problem since the files were not being segregated. My employer’s network was wireless and in place 24/7 making my computer a full-time target for scammers each and every day. Missing is a clear case of non-technical Cybersecurity definition. This was some awakening!

Since I owned my computer and the results, I thought that was enough. Not so. My computer at work was networked to my home computer allowing me to computer commute from time to time. Does this sound like I know something? I found the more I know, the more I don’t know.

Where would I find the right stuff, properly identified and priced? Possibly you already know. Join our effort to overcome ignorance by sharing what you have learned.

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