CPAP Humidifiers

Are you using a CPAP machine that dries out your nasal passage? That can often times make it hard to sleep in itself and even cause other problems. By adding a humidifier to your unit you can be breathing more comfortably and easily.

Humidifiers are intended to add moisture to the air delivered into your nasal passage, throat and lungs. The piece holds a certain amount of water which needs to be changed and washed often to avoid mold growth. The humidifier quietly heats the water to soothe the throat and make your breathing feel better again.

The CPAP machine doesn’t always come with a humidifier. Some units require you to install or upgrade. This is convenient because sometimes it is better to pick your own humidifier. There are different humidifiers. They come in cold and heated. The heated humidifiers soothe your throat.

The units are always being upgraded so they are constantly improving. In the past, there have been issues with water damage in CPAP Machines. They have come out with dry box technology which makes the machine almost spill proof. It can be shaken or turned upside down and still withstand spillage. The water can be held in a big enough chambers to last a full night in machines that provide that option. There are other options like having a unit with a stainless steel heat transfer plate where the water can be heated nicely sending a nice vapor up with the air helping to open your air passage.

You do not absolutely need the humidifier to be heated. Heated humidifiers are just to add comfort and add the ability to breathe normally. People with severe sleep apnea and lots of trouble breathing will appreciate the heated option a lot more. Depending on the problem, the option for cold humidifiers might work better for soothing your passage. With the interchangeable humidifier parts you might be able to try both.

You don’t have to use the humidifier every time you sleep. It is possible to not turn the humidifier on every time you use your CPAP machine. It may be better for you personally to only use the humidifier for the second half of the night or every other night. Some people don’t even need to use their CPAP machine every night.

The humidifier can be taken apart and replaced piece by piece as well. If you have broken something or lost something it is an easy purchase rather than buying the entire unit again. The chambers can start to leak after they get weathered and can also become warped or get mold in the cracks if they’re not washed frequently enough or thoroughly enough. New parts are always available.

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