Commercial Vehicle Paint

In these times of austerity following the recent recession and economic crunch, (the effects of which are still gripping the economies of the world today) businesses are being required to ‘tighten their belts’ in order to save costs. In some cases this has meant making large numbers of workers redundant and in others it has meant a severe cut in spending and a drive to become more efficient (i.e. make the maximum possible use out of the resources that are already at their disposal). One important result of such cost cutting activities is that businesses are spending considerably less money on advertising than they were doing in previous years before the recession.

Although cutting down on advertising expenditure may result in a decline in short term spending, such an action will naturally do little if anything to increase the revenue of a business in the long term as there may not be any other opportunity left for the firms to attract attention to themselves or the products or services that they supply. However, there are other ways in which a firm is able to draw attention to itself and its products or services. Smaller businesses such as restaurants or hairdressers, for example, could introduce a series of vouchers and special offers as an effective means of advertisement and drawing attention to themselves and attracting customers. However, for other firms such as haulage and removal businesses involved in transporting goods with Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), offering ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers or other such offers are not suitable methods of attracting attention and custom.

For such companies, Commercial Vehicle Paint is an ideal method to draw attention to a firm that uses commercial vehicles and the services that are provided by the business. A good example of such an advertising technique being effective is the example of Eddie Stobart because everyone is able to recognise the lorries operating on behalf of the business due to their unique painted design: a combination of dark green, red and white.

If a company that uses commercial vehicles was to invest in painting their trucks in bright colours or painted in a unique design, it would undoubtedly draw attention to them and (considering that such haulage firms operate several trucks travelling across the country every day) more people are likely to see and recognise the designs of these trucks and realise what they advertise and who operates them, than the number of people who are likely to hear, see and let alone take notice of advertisements for such firms in the newspapers or on the radio or television.



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