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Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace online, with over $100 billion of revenue per annum. There are around 340 million registered credit cards available in its database, such a heaven for sellers. It is not as simple as it looks that you put your product on and start reaping profits. You always need good reviews.

Now the question is? What is the definition of good reviews?

Is it number of reviews?

Quality of reviews?

Or something else?

To be honest, all of the above. Number of reviews is very important factor but quality of reviews is also important as well. As a reviewer, if you post reviews that look shady, other customers might skip the product. So it is very important to follow a guideline while posting reviews. One of the best advantages of writing good reviews is to get most helpful votes that strengthen your position as a reviewer. Let me summarize some qualities that can classify your reviews as BEST AMAZON REVIEWS.


A good review don’t only have your likeness or dislikeness for the product but, also a WHY factor. Why you like the product? Why it is better than other substitutes or similar products? Why you will buy it again? And so on and on. This why factor can make your review helpful and important to readers.


Your review should not be going here and there, but stick to the point. It should be defining specific features and things about product and telling readers what is important.


You can go from 50 words to 5000 words but is it necessary to think of extreme? Reviews should be nominal in length, not too long, not too short. 75-200 words are enough to express your experience of a product and give customers a good help. Apart of that, video reviews have a limit of 10 minutes, but it might not be a suitable length to pursuit. For a good and helpful video, the length of a video should be between 2 to 5 minutes only.


While writing an Amazon review, always be honest and express your sincere view about your experience of the product. If your review is biased or seem to be fraudulent, it will not be a good example for customers.

These all were the things you need to have in BEST AMAZON REVIEW but now talk about the things you should not have

Beating About The Bush:

Seller Feedback: Do not emphasize on your experience with seller in product review. For this, amazon has a seller feedback option. Product reviews are specific about product.

Product Availability: Best products Don’t tell about product availability or alternative buying options, it is not a part of a good review and amazon might delete it.

Shouldn’t Have Any Inappropriate or Offending Stuff:

Content: Reviews shouldn’t have obscenities, profanity, phone numbers, mailing addresses, non-Amazon URLs, videos with watermarks, foreign language content (unless there is a clear connection to the product) or any other person material

Hate Speech: Reviews shouldn’t have anything against any race, religion, class, sexual preference or nationality.

Promotion of Illegal Stuff: Reviews shouldn’t have any promotion of behavior that is illegal including violence, illegal drug use, underage drinking or child abuse.

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