Beach Camping – The Great De-Stressor

Beaches have been one of the most favorite picnic spots to one and all for ages. The liking for beaches goes beyond any factors such as caste, creed and social status. Beaches have always been a favorite theme to creatively beautify expressions that a man most commonly uses in his poems, paintings, photography and music. Many beautiful things related to beaches such as sunrise and sunset are all inexplicable. Revdanda Beach Camping

Beach camping is a wonderful and an affordable way to enjoy the weekends or holidays. Some of the ways to enjoy beach camping are going on long boardwalks with your loved ones, fishing, playing volleyball and adventurous sports such as swimming, wind surfing, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, and boating.

Needless to say, before going for a beach camp, it’s essential to equip oneself suitably. Make sure you make a list of the most commonly needed items. Some things that you need too carry are tents and sleeping bags for the nights. Drinking water is a must and so is food. Add camp stoves, charcoal chimney, essential utensils, cooler and a water filter. Pack proper clothing. Remember to take little things like can opener, bug spray, candles and cleaning items. Binoculars are a must. Take camera, a compass, GPS, flashlight, and kites. Of course, you will not forget your cell phone. Add to your baggage a pen and a few writing papers.

There is yet another list to manage. Pack up some more items such as sunburn lotion, beach chairs and other foldable aluminum furniture, tables, and shade tents. You will need beachwear, canopies, and beach bags to make your beach camping more fun.

If accompanied by kids, accidents are more likely to happen. All beach camp sites do have coast guard services who can give you emergency medical assistance. Yet, it is advisable that you carry a well-stocked first aid kit with you.

Irrespective of whether it’s a ready-made medical kit or a kit prepared spontaneously for the occasion, care should be taken to include some mandatory items such as personal medication, medical tape, bandages, elastic wrap, scissors, tweezers, sterile gauze, antibiotics, antiseptic creams, anti-burn ointment, hydrogen peroxide, eye wash and sanitary napkins.


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