A Guide to Data Recovery

We live in a data driven world – almost! A world where computers have become an essential part of lives, any kind of data loss can create a lot of problem as well as tress. Data loss is controlled by many factors that include physical, logical and mechanical problems. 99% of the times, data recovery is possible but 1% times the data can’t be recovered especially if the hard drive is completely damaged.

There are also different types of data recovery programs available on the internet that will help you to recover all your important information within no time. These specific programs can initiate data recovery on various storage devices like the hard disk, CD, DVD, USB drive, Zip drive and other media devices.

The most common factors causing data loss are hard disk malfunction and virus attack. A top of the line data recovery software can retrieve all the data from a virus infected CD or hard drive and even if your hard disk has crashed. There are many companies who develop, their own data recovery programs, which they use for retrieving lost data and for minimizing the damage caused to your hard disk or system.

You can use the following procedures if you experience problems in accessing your data:

Most of the data loss occurs due to hardware failure and hence you need to identify the reason for data inaccessibility first. This will help you to understand what process needs to be followed for hard drive recovery.

If the data loss is of minor proportions then you don’t need to consult a technical expert. Data recovery companies can charge a lot even to retrieve a small amount of data. If the data loss is due to accidental delete or because of a virus problem then you can always download certain programs from the Internet and run them. Most of the free programs available on the internet will be able to retrieve data with ease.

When you are searching for data recovery software over the internet, look for programs that have been given good reviews by various online PC or computer magazines. This will help you to download the best programs available. Some programs will require you to register before you can download them.

Look for programs that have a built-in trouble shooting or help manual. This will provide you a step-by-step guide to data recovery and also provide information on what to do if there is a problem.

Another good option is to take the hard drive out and attach it to another computer for data recovery. Always attach it to a computer that has similar configuration as yours otherwise it will not be possible to install your hard drive.

If and only if you have had a serious problem like hard disk crash or some mechanical or logical failure then approach a data recovery expert. Data recovery companies normally have their own labs, tools and expert staff who can handle some of the most sensitive data recovery processes with ease.


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